Henrik Enevoldsen was born in Tjæreborg, Denmark, in 1967 and has been running the popular Scandinavian restaurant, Cafe Europa in Krabi from 1990-2017 together with his wife Tip and uncle Finn.


Long time supporter of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and the work Sangduen ”LEK” Chailert and her team does for the elephants show his love for the giants.

Henrik witness how elephants are abused every day while they work in camps providing rides and shows to tourists.


He wants to change this and give elephants a better life where they can roam free and enjoy the nature, simply let the elephants be elephants – No more shows and riding, no more abuse.


Knowing Henrik and his love for elephants for a long time, Lek has asked him to open a sanctuary in Krabi for some years already… Henrik has the energy and compassion to create the best sanctuary for elephants in Krabi and promised Lek to build Krabi Elephant Sanctuary in 2018.


Together we can make a diffrence, to give the elephants a better life here says Henrik.

With your support, we can build a home with care, love and respect to the elephants.


Our aim is to raise 1 million dollars to buy land and build the sanctuary.

Thank you so much for your donation!